Building Material Cape Down


Builders365 is always head on heels to provide quality products to its customers each day of the year. To keep the spirit of building and innovating alive every 365 days, the company strives hard to provide construction material supply in Cape Town, South Africa.

The vision of Builders365 is to deliver the best building and construction material in Cape Town, and always move a step ahead to meet up with the client’s expectations.

One of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of construction material, Builders365 has expanded its roots in delivering instant roll on lawns in Cape Town and organic material as well.

The reliable and flexible system support of Builders365 makes it one of the most secured firms in Cape Town.


Builders365 was born with the core values of family, passion and work ethics and has grown to deliver quality products and services to its customers. To accomplish a mission of “Yes We Can”, our team works relentlessly to make our clients dreams come true.

To always contribute to keep the spirit of 365 alive, we strive to shelter our customers’ trust with honesty and loyalty. We swear to always offer high quality products and maintain their quality for long. We make sure that we customize the products as per the client’s specification and deliver them on time.

We value our customers and keeping in mind their share of budget we always make sure that nobody leaves the store with bare hands. With a spirit of positivity and right direction we toil to make Builders365 the leading company of Cape Town.

Construction Material Cape Town